STD prevention

Statewide prevention efforts

The STD Prevention team provides statewide management, education, and training for the prevention of STDs in an inclusive, sex-positive, and empathetic manner. In a large state like Utah, and with STD rates at an all-time high, the STD Prevention team must partner with other groups, agencies, and organizations for the delivery of information and services, including:

  • STD testing offers access to chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis testing and prevention counseling for free or low cost.
  • Partner services to ensure that individuals who receive a positive STD lab are receiving the treatment they need and to notify Utahns of potential exposure to STDs, and provide testing, with the goal of preventing the further transmission of STDs.
  • Disease monitoring to ensure potential cases or suspected networks of cases are investigated, linked to care, and provided partner services.
  • STD reports that describe current trends in chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis and identify communities who have been unequally burdened by these diseases and who are in need of increased STD testing and sexual health education resources.
  • Strategic and integrated planning aimed at allowing local STD-related service providers, stakeholders, and community members the opportunity to partner with the Utah Department of Health and Human Services to address how Utah can collaborate to control and prevent the spread of STDs.

For comprehensive information on STD facts, testing services, and other prevention information visit Catch The Answers.


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